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Revamping the Outdated Website by Making it Bilingual

August 20, 2023

Revamping the Outdated Website by Making it Bilingual

Challenges faced by the client

  • Earlier the official website server of IIM Raipur was down, thus taking larger time to open the site. This further resulted in the lack of cross-browser compatibility of the website- that is the website could not be rendered properly from various websites.
    • They faced issues with the responsive web interface of the website. The site was very poorly responsive to different types of devices.
    • The UI-UX design of the website was poor.
    • The web pages of this site often collapsed with a larger number of page hits.
      • The home page of the website was poorly designed. It was not bilingual which resulted in the limited access of a large number of people to the website.
        • Some of the static pages of the website contained some dead links.

          Solution for the challenges

          WordPress has been used to redesign and develop the IIM Raipur website to make the static pages of the website responsive with the use of plugins. The redesigned website is now bilingual (Hindi and English) which would enable the reach of this website to a wider range of audience. This website is now compliant with GIGW, India so that differently-abled persons (like people with deafness and low vision) can access the website easily.

          After the development of the website, the security vulnerabilities are regularly checked, so that it can be safeguarded from cyber-attacks and hackers. All the vulnerabilities as reported by the government agencies have been considered and resolved. This in turn shall prevent the data loss of the company. Security audits shall be conducted in order to ensure the security of the site. The website that has been redesigned by the developers is now made cross-browser compatible by using multiple browser emulators.

          Results or Benefits

          • Available and accessible anytime, anywhere on different web browsers and mobile devices.
          • Reduced time of accessing and browsing the website
          • The website can now be accessed and navigated by a larger number of people as it is bilingual and GIGW compliant.
          • Customization of the IIM Raipur website has become easier with the use of WordPress.
          • Mobile responsive – It takes very less time to open the webpages of the site.

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