Mobile App Development

Sundarini Naturals goes digital

Futuristic Mobile App to reimagine customer experience for Sundarini Naturals.

Pure, Naturally Grown, Authentic, Certified Organic Food Products from the Islands of Sundarban

A team of young professionals, technical experts work directly as employees of thousands of small & marginalized women dairy cooperative farmers of Sundarban Islands – the owners of the brand Sundarini Naturals, who exert tremendous efforts to produce nutritious, chemical-free, preservative-free food for you through organic means as per NPOP guidelines of Government of India.

  • Sundarini Naturals keeps the soil, animals, plants, humans healthy
  • Sundarini Naturals cares for traditional and indigenous produces
  • Sundarini Naturals is sustainable, local, seasonal & diverse
  • Sundarini Naturals is free from chemicals & adulteration
  • Sundarini Naturals empowers small and marginalized women farmers of Sundarban

Sundarini Naturals needed feature rich Mobile App to sell highly specialized food products like sweets, organic milk, honey, butter.

WEBSTEP leveraged Flutter, React JS, Laravel & MongoDB on AWS to deliver an enhanced Mobile App platform for Sundarini Naturals.

WEBSTEP tailored a transformative Mobile App Platform for Sundarini Naturals. For the platform’s essential features, we used a Minimum Viable Product approach. This included businesses and technical processes, along with key adoption elements.

Under business processes, we managed Sundarini’s exhaustive catalogue, pricing and payment, and order processing. Technical processes included React JS based Administrator Panel, user interface, search and search engine optimization, and account management. Key adoption elements spanned integration testing, documentation, support, and training.

Key Success Metrics and Outcomes

  • The user-centric mobile app, optimized for efficiency, spurred an impressive 65% surge in conversion rates, showcasing a notable increase in successful orders among app users.
  • Garnering an average rating of 4 on both the Play Store and App Store, the mobile apps received widespread acclaim from users, underscoring their positive reception.
  • Thanks to its improved user experience and expanded functionality, the app witnessed a remarkable 70% uptick in repeat purchases across multiple channels, highlighting its effectiveness in fostering customer loyalty.