Webstep Technologies

Digital Travel Guide Platform

September 19, 2022

WEBSTEP sets up an intuitive digital platform to transform experiences in the emerging beer tourism industry.

A US client with a unique vision and passion for craft beer collaborated with WEBSTEP to shake up and modernize the experience for travellers and beer enthusiasts. The client sought to provide a seamless travel experience by creating an integrated platform for craft beer and tourism resources.

The Solution

  • WT delivered an accessible and informative web-based solution that integrates Google maps to ensure frictionless navigation for travellers across the US.
  • A search engine with a system to organize global information associated with breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries that is both universally available and helpful. 
  • The web solution facilitates the exploration of destinations and events across the US and in the vicinity of the user with detailed information about the location and facilities.


A comprehensive and accurate resource platform that connects travellers and tourists with local businesses.
Enhanced user satisfaction through an efficient solution with easy to use interface that increases business value.

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