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Website Builder vs Professional Web Development

August 31, 2022

Ever wondered, what is the point of hiring a professional web development agency when you can build your site with tools like Wix or Squarespace?

The new digital age has initiated a trend of digital transformation in business organizations across the globe. This digital disruption followed by the growing demand for technology has the market swarming with do-it-yourself website builders. The growing popularity of such tools has many companies and business owners questioning the relevance of professional service. If drag-and-drop site builders are so convenient, why do booming businesses across industries still rely on web development companies? Stuck in the paradox of choice? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the two, to narrow down the ultimate choice for your business.

What are website builders?

In search of a website builder, you are likely to come across names such as GoDaddy, WIX, or Squarespace. The question is how does it work? A website builder is a tool that enables its users to design and create websites with a limited set of templates available on the platform. One of the most impressive aspects is the user can work with zero technical knowledge by filling in the template or via the drag-drop feature. The process is just as simple as it sounds- picks a template, adds content, and manages the rest from the dashboard. Additional or more complex features often require a purchase or subscription. 

Website builder: The pros & cons  

Demand and considerable success of website builders can be credited to a simplified process and less time and effort involved in it. One major advantage of the tool is in terms of cost. Most site builders offer free templates with a subscription-based pricing model for immediate access to additional tools. This pricing model not only enables easy budgeting but also allows users to choose and pay for features they require over a specific period. The cost advantage is multiplied by first-time user offers and annual subscription plans. Along with the affordability, the comprehensibility of the tool makes it a top choice for many beginners. The site builder tool neither requires coding nor any understanding of web design. It is just that easy to put together professional-looking tools without being a tech wizard. While it is a quick and easy solution for business owners new to the digital domain, site builders obtain their edge from flexibility and adaptability due to customization options.

 Despite the ease and comfort, the tool has shortcomings too. The disadvantages of a website builder are discussed below:

  • No strategy or Consultation: Website development for a business is more than just creating a website, it requires a strategic approach to leverage the perfect blend of technology, design, and innovation. 
  • Limited Growth: Working on website builders, can limit the possibilities for your website as its development is completely dependent on the platform. The customization of templates is relatively limited, resulting in a generic-looking interface.
  • Loading time: Sites built with a website builder often load too slowly, directly impacting the user experience. The user retention rate is highly dependent on load time, and ideally, the period should not exceed 5 seconds.

How will a company build my website?

The process of building a website in a professional web development company is more elaborate and time-consuming. Starting with a consultation to design a strategic action plan. The consultants help the company understand the business objectives you aim to achieve and the information is utilized to create a digital roadmap that can drive business value. A team of experts seasoned in the domain guides you with digital possibilities for long-term success. This is followed by the implementation of the plan using high-end technology stack. It is also quite common for web solution companies to offer maintenance services.  The developers build a unique website from scratch to suit your digital and business needs.  

Web Development Service: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now to answer the question of why thriving businesses prefer professional web development services, here are its advantages:-

  • Better business outcomes: Professionals in the field are often equipped with extensive experience and contextual knowledge to guide businesses aiming to compete in the digital landscape. This expertise brings together the best industry technologies and strong development toolchains to enhance performance and functional features.
  • Custom solution: Want to imprint the uniqueness of your business on your website? Professional services are well-equipped and skilled to deliver tailor-made solutions to fuel your business. It opens up the possibility of incorporating broader functionalities and materializing your vision to the highest extent. 
  • Custom Design: While a free website builder restricts design to certain templates, with web development services you can get creative with design ideas to create an aesthetically appealing interface that promotes a consistent brand image to your consumers and stands out in the competition. 
  • Collective expertise: A web development company assists you with a dedicated team that helps you obtain maximum digital value without compromising your vision. This strategic partnership helps in molding growth objectives for your website and ensures a future-ready solution is delivered.
  • Better SEO: Most professionals in the industry employ tool and techniques to build an SEO-friendly website that is likely to rank higher in search. One might miss out on this benefit when using a Web site builder. 

The numerous advantages do not mean that web development services are quite perfect. Opting for the service has its disadvantages too. 

  • Time and Cost: When the process of web development is quite elaborate and therefore more expensive and time-consuming than a drag-and-drop site builder. The initial consultation to deliver the final product can take weeks or months depending on the requirements. 
  • The Right Service: Choosing a web development company is a job in itself as it can influence the cost, security, and quality of service. It requires deliberation to pick out a company that can fit your requirements into a budget and works with professional integrity. 

Which is the right choice? 

The tool or service you choose largely depends on your business objective and what you aim to accomplish with it. For instance, an individual developing a simple website can utilize site builders efficiently, however, businesses looking to digitally transform and drive relevance through a website will require more advanced tools and strategic guidance. 

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