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A Modern Approach to Web Application Development Using MERN Stack

November 25, 2022

Technology is advancing tremendously quickly right now. With the upgradation of hardware and devices, software technologies are also progressing and replacing outdated ones. Performance is important since a growing number of electronic devices employ real-time features and the Internet. Traditionally, the web development process is supported by technologies with good features but with some limitations that can impact performance. The MERN stack was introduced as a solution to this performance issue and to implement simplicity and uniformity in the development process.

The use of server-rendering technology for web application development was quite popular among developers. While businesses proffered the use of CMS (content management systems) like Drupal and WordPress to build simple websites. The primary advantage of using those CMS was the building speed with minimal coding which was provided by a lot of pre-built templates, themes, and plugins. While it is still preferred by many SMEs, the same properties become a major drawback when enterprises grow and require upgrades or more complex web applications. The pre-built templates proved to be insufficient and as a solution and professionals in the industry begin utilizing the stack of various technologies in web development. Discover more about the MERN stack by reading on or hire the best talent to leverage the MERN stack for your enterprise at WEBSTEP.

What is MERN Stack?

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. In the stack, MongoDB is the document database, Express(.js) is — Node.js web framework, React(.js) — is a JavaScript library and Node(.js) provides a JS Runtime Environment.

  1.  MongoDB: MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database that stores data in a flexible document for scalable high-volume data applications. It has a comparatively faster response and JavaScript interface for testing queries and performing operations with the database.
  2. Express.js: Express is making the development process both simpler and easier. The Node.js framework helps in designing robust APIs with a set of helpful HTTP methods and middleware. It is completely minimalist and has Node features like simplicity, flexibility, scalability and performance.
  3. React: It is a front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces. One of its major advantages is its capability of handling data-driven interfaces with minimal code.
  4. Node.js: Node is a free open-source web server environment that facilitates the creation of scalable network applications and the execution of JavaScript code outside the browser, on the server.

Advancements in E-commerce Web Application

Over the past few years, e-commerce has grown significantly, providing more advantages and conveniences than traditional enterprises. Additionally, the COVID-19 era has permanently altered how companies interact with customers, enabling enterprises to contact customers faster. MERN stack technologies can contribute to building an operational E-commerce web application and assist SMEs in formulating their business strategy. We have listed some benefits of the MERN stack, to help you understand why it’s the right for development to get desired business outcomes.

  1. Compatibility with a cloud: –E-commerce platforms built with MERN are scalable and highly compatible with the cloud with the use of MongoDB, which itself is compatible with cloud storage. Cloud is everywhere now and it is a remarkable technology that can help businesses succeed.
  2. Security: Even though E-commerce provides more benefits to customers, security is a major concern among SMEs when moving their business online. MERN stack counters this by integrating with secure hosting providers and implementing a secure and theft-proof e-commerce platform.
  3. Unique user experience: If you are looking to reflect the uniqueness of your brand in your e-commerce site, the MERN stack can support that.  It allows extensive customizations in the front end to create a striking user interface.
  4. SEO friendly: Enterprises opt for an e-commerce business to increase their reach and market to the target audience. To successfully achieve that, it is important to leverage digital marketing tools and techniques.  Websites developed with MERN are optimized and perform well in the matter of page speed, making the website SEO-friendly.

Web application development is no longer the same with the introduction of numerous technologies. Nowadays, there are so many options that it’s common for businesses to be unsure about what’s best for them. A complete online system can be easily built using the MERN stack, especially for e-commerce businesses. When creating a strong and useful website, the MERN stack’s components (Mongo DB, Expresses, ReactJS, and NodeJS) work well together. If you are ready to leverage the capabilities of the MERN, WEBSTEP experts are here to help you get started. Reach out to our consultants to explore possibilities for your business.  

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