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Significance of UI/UX Design and Modernization

Aesthetic appeal along with the ease of use, are often the basis of assumptions made by consumers regarding a particular product or service. While a good UI is visually joyful, UX contributes to productivity and operational efficiency. UI primarily defines how users interact with websites or applications. To provide a favorable experience, it is crucial to consider some elements associated with the user’s preferences, objectives, and skill level. On the other hand, UX is defined in relation to the user’s perceptions including their emotions, comfort, and goals achieved before, during, and after using the website.

A modern, clean and user-friendly UI/UX design is elementary for gaining a competitive edge. To ensure compatibility with the changing user habits and technological advancements, businesses require to evolve digitally too. Along with this, an intuitive and user-focused UI/UX has several other business benefits that make these changes worthwhile. It can have an enhancing impact on the reliability, usability as well as the accessibility of a website or application.  The concept of usability is an amalgamation of factors that define the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of a product or system. Some essential attributes of usability are:-

  • Appropriateness: UX/UI design meets the expectation and needs of the user.
  • Accessibility: The extent to which users can utilize the system to achieve specific goals.
  • User interface aesthetics: Facilitate an interaction that is visually pleasing and user-satisfactory.
  • Operability: The ease of operation and control.
  • User error protection: Protects users from making mistakes.

Despite appropriate UX/UI design, legacy applications often fail to provide a suitable user experience due to a lack of flexibility and resilience to accommodate changing business requirements and consumer expectations. A solution to this concern is to opt for UI/UX modernization with contemporary and user-centric designs.

User-Centric approach

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

Frank Chimero

The statement sums up the need for a user-centric design in the most straightforward way. It also draws focus toward a typical issue found in website designs, the lack of focus on situational traits, motivations, and expectations of users rather than the personal bias of the designer.  The shift of focus on user needs in the design process plays a significant role in delivering an impactful solution. Apart from addressing the concerns of users, a good UI/UX is crucial to reaching business goals. While there a many factors that define the journey of enterprise growth, however a positive user experience can be considered a stepping stone to meeting business objectives.

Capturing Business Value

It is rather evident that modernization is imperative for businesses to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital environment. It is well known that brand image is shaped by interactions with the customer. Websites are a new platform for these interactions and therefore, the presentation, features, usability, and interactive behavior are elemental in constructing customer perception and brand image. Building a consistent brand image creates recognition for your business among competitors and adds to the credibility of your brand.

A more immediate influence of intuitive and modern UI/UX can be observed on customer engagement and later on customer retention. Easy navigation and a pleasing appearance can attract new customers and achieve lower user frustrations. The same contributes to customer retention as well. Despite the popular saying of not judging a book by its cover, it is an undeniable fact that humans often connect assumptions about quality and performance to appearance. Therefore, a consistent and comfortable digital experience can positively impact conversion rates.

A superior UI/UX design is primal for a superior digital experience for your users and enhanced business value. The benefits of a better user experience make UX/UI modernization worthwhile. At WEBSTEP, our modern-day designers are equipped with the best tools and front-end technology stack that includes Angular.js, Vue.js, and React.js. Capture the best experience for your target audience – visit to learn more.