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Building Ecommerce Websites with MAGENTO 2 Platform

MAGENTO 2 Platform

Ecommerce Sites 

Ecommerce websites are gaining much popularity these days. In general, ecommerce refers to the trading of goods on the internet. The different ecommerce sites can be used by the sellers to sell their items. Correspondingly, the buyers can search for their required items and buy them using this platform.

Ecommerce Platform- MAGENTO 

Ecommerce platform can be defined as a commerce engine website and CMS that can be used for the management of the catalogued products as well as the user-retailer relationship online.

MAGENTO is one of the such type of platforms. It is a framework that makes use of PHP language to develop ecommerce sites. It can be referred to as an open-source ecommerce platform. It is presently owned by Adobe. The unique features of MAGENTO can easily be accessed by users to establish connections with their customers to sell the products.

Why Should One Prefer MAGENTO 2 over MAGENTO 1? 

One must prefer the use of the latest version of MAGENTO over the earlier version due to the following reasons:

  • MAGENTO 2 is more flexible to be used as compared to MAGENTO 1.
  • Unlike the earlier version of MAGENTO, using MAGENTO 2, the product related videos can be embedded to the product page. This, in turn, will result in the increased interaction of the customers, and hence will enhance their shopping experiences.
  • It is based on PHP7 which opens up for better customization and optimization.
  • It supports MySQL 8 database management system that works two times faster than the older version.
  • The admin panel in the later MAGENTO version is featured with a friendlier interface as compared to the earlier version.
  • Using this platform has led to the increase in the speed of loading different webpages.
  • Maintenance and upgradation works of the site have become easier for the developers with the use of MAGENTO 2 platform.
  • This platform works by caching the entire contents of the page and making use of the optimal code.
  • This platform is featured with secure payment gateways to prevent fraud transactions. As a result, the ecommerce sites have become more reliable to be used for buying and selling of goods and services.
  • Improved functionality and performance of the sites of ecommerce could be observed.
  • The sales of the stores of the retailers who have migrated to MAGENTO 2 have been seen to rise at recent times.
  • Using this platform to build the ecommerce site, makes it compatible to be run on different types of devices. This will enable a larger number of users to access the site anytime, anywhere

Shifting the Data to MAGENTO 2 from MAGENTO 1 

The following data has been shifted from older to newer version of MAGENTO:

  • Store Configurations
  • Categories
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Sales related data
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Orders related data

The shifting process of the above-mentioned data is certainly very much challenging and risk prone. There are chances that one might lose such important data within no time if a small mistake is made. However, once the shifting of the data is carried out successfully, the users can switch to using the latest version of MAGENTO, which is MAGENTO 2. They can enjoy the advanced features of this platform and stimulate the growth of their businesses. One can take the help of certain data migration tools or assign the data migration task to professionals to shift the important data carefully without any mistakes.