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Don’t you think bookmarking is a great way for saving things and following up later?

According to an SEO specialist, you will find a great value of links which you get after bookmarking your web pages on Social Bookmarking sites.

Whenever we start talking about these social bookmarking sites we talk about the big names like Diigg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, or Slashdot. But today we will focus on the small ones, the growing ones.

If you belong to a small industry, at the beginning you will focus on the small but effective bookmarking sites to make your base strong. Here is a list of 5 such sites for you to explore and see whether they are useful for your business or not.


Propeller is the bookmarking site where you can suv\bmit your website link and wait for the other users of the site to vote the links, allowing you link to get popular through votes. Propeller is an awesome site and is continuously getting popular for it simple and straightforward method and interface.


You will definitely love Metafilter if you have used Slashdot for you bookmarking before. This site is a growing community where the users come together and share their thoughts on various topics and share links. You bookmark your website here and when the users make comments, the editors will approve the comments before publishing them.


Social bookmarking site play important role in boosting your website traffic. This site is designed for women audiences and covers food, entertainment, fashion, design and technology. If you are into any of these and are planning to target women audiences, carry on submitting your website link to Kirtsy.


This one is gradually becoming popular in the genre of bookmarking sites. Dedicated to the covering of news items especially for small business, BizSugar can come handy to you for boosting your traffic for the website. You can submit articles and mention the original link of the article location. Votes are counted in this bookmarking site.

Blog Engage

To submit articles on various topics like finance, technology, education, health, business and entertainment, Blog Engage is a robust and effective platform. Here, by submitting your links you can offer audiences to share, like and comment and hence a community is formed through this bookmarking site.

Have you tried out any one of these Social bookmarking sites before? How do you bookmark it? Share with us your wonderful experiences of bookmarking.