e-Commerce Administrator

eCommerce websites requires regular updates for content, images, products, promotions & to the software applications. We serve as your webmaster in maintaining & updating your website, bug fixing & enhancements, site performance monitoring & tweaking and periodic backing up the programs & database. We provide ongoing website administration support on a monthly package or on hourly basis.

Administrator responsibilities for your eCommerce website
  • Easily managed products, categories, shipping and the orders.
  • Easy upload of images, videos to e-Commerce websites.
  • Coordinate with key information of owners to ensure delivery on time.
  • Manage all web site data to ensure accuracy of customer reviews
  • Recommend exclusive plans for all key customers to promote e-commerce.
  • Analyze e-commerce transaction and provide support to all associate activities.
  • Monitor all site issues and resolve it.
  • Coordinate with development team to prepare an effective schedule for project.
  • Analyze online experience of customer and recommend for quality improvements.
  • Coordinate with internal team and provide support to all online marketing strategies.
  • Prepare reports and maintain track of all activities on websites.
  • Supervise all newsletter performance and design various strategies to increase sales.
  • Monitor all product performances.
  • Creating and maintaining promo codes and bulk order discounted prices for products.

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