WEBSTEP has the concern of your privacy and we take it in a committed serious manner. You should realize our use of any personal information provided by you. This Privacy Policy segment is to make you aware of our practices regarding your personal information.

All information published in is protected by copyright and other important property laws. Under any circumstances, you cannot distribute, re-post, modify, publish, display or commercially exploit the contents of this website.


The definition of “Personal Information” in Webstep is any identification data of the visitor of our website or the combination of data.

Normally you can scroll and visit our website and its details without revealing yourself or stating your information. But at times, we might need and collect your information. However, some basic data like your demographics, operating system of device, browser your are using and most importantly IP address is collected for presenting better usability to the visitors, site maintenance, troubleshooting and for identifying the time frequency of visiting and the most visited sections of the website.

By providing your Personal Information, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. Whenever you are submitting your valuable information via our site, you directly consent to the use and collection of the information in addition to the disclosure.


We might use the information you provide in the improvement of the content of our website, for the customization of the website suiting your preferences, for the communication of the information which you have requested to us, for the marketing and research purposes of our site this research can be based on users’ demographics, behavior and interest), and to give you the latest information of our services and other information related to our website.

We might merge the personal identification information which you provide willingly to our website with other actively collected information in our website if not we specify the otherwise at collection time. We will take sound measures to avert personal information from being joint with other passively collected data, unless you approve the otherwise.

The website of Webstep offers freely accessible blogs and other forums like the social media. We/You have to note that the data provided on the social media platforms of this site can be read and shared but not modified.

Webstep hold backs the lone right to alter and amend these privacy policies if required at any given point in time. We appeal all our visitors to  stick to the policies and guidelines of the website,and browse  this page for updates on any recent changes in our privacy policies from time to time.

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