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Bridge & Roof Co.(India) kickstarts Digital Transformation
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Bridge & Roof Co.(India) kickstarts Digital Transformation

Webstep Technologies accelerates Digital Transformation for Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Limited by modernizing and replacing their Legacy System with the Advanced e-Office and File Management System. Bridg...

Fitness Mobile Apps
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness Mobile App?

What is Fitness Mobile App A fitness mobile app is a software application designed to help users track and monitor their fitness goals, exercise routines, and overall health and wellness. These apps can incl...

Digital Transformation
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Reimagining Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become a buzzword in the business world in recent years. It refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how it operates and de...

MAGENTO 2 Platform
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Building Ecommerce Websites with MAGENTO 2 Platform

Ecommerce Sites  Ecommerce websites are gaining much popularity these days. In general, ecommerce refers to the trading of goods on the internet. The different ecommerce sites can be used by the sellers...

Zapier Tool
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Automate Your Work Processes with the Use of Zapier Tool

World of Automation!!  In earlier times, people used to carry out all the tasks by themselves. However, with the advancement in technology in present times, most of us are adopting the various automatio...

Revamping IIM Raipur by Making it Bilingual And GIGW Compliant to Increase its Usability
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Revamping the Outdated Website by Making it Bilingual And GIGW Compliant to Increase its Usability

Challenges faced by the client Earlier the official website server of IIM Raipur was down, thus taking larger time to open the site. This further resulted in the lack of cross-browser compatibility of the w...

Mobile-First Strategy
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Mobile-First Strategy: Gaining Competitive Edge in a Global Market 

Businesses are realizing to remain competitive in the current market it is crucial to employ effective technological solutions that will present new opportunities in the global online and offline marketplace. T...

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A Modern Approach to Web Application Development Using MERN Stack

Technology is advancing tremendously quickly right now. With the upgradation of hardware and devices, software technologies are also progressing and replacing outdated ones. Performance is important since a gro...

Mobile Commerce for SMEs
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Mobile Commerce: Accelerating SME Success With Technology

Advancements in mobile commerce-related technologies are changing the way business is done. Its evolution has successfully created new routes for businesses to expand networks in a digital marketplace. Mobile a...

Banner of Progressive Web App
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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – a happy medium between web and mobile apps

Technological innovations are constantly changing user experience with alterations in the design of various products and services. To deliver the best to their consumers, leading businesses keep an eye out for ...