Transport and logistic

Whether your business is local based or global based, move shipments by ocean, land, air or any in-between transport communication, the aim of all the transport and logistics providers is to give a service of different sort at competitive price. Managing the shipments or to be precise keeping a track on the vessel or vehicle, that is moving them from one place to another, is a challenging task.

Not just you have the task of managing your vessel tracking system but also you have the task of managing your business enterprise, your trading partners and customer relations. Here at Webstep, we provide services of tracking goods vehicle such as the heavy loaded trucks with the help of GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices.

Many of the models of vehicle tracking device units have Quad band GSM/GPRS modem along with powerful GPS receiver. These devices attain, monitor and transmit many position of the vehicle at the allotted time and date and also send the data to a particular allotted server in SMS or Packets.

The objective of these purpose-designed computer software devices is stated below
  • Safety and security of the goods while moving
  • Determining the Source to Destination shortest possible route
  • Through analytics, improvement of the efficiency of fleet
  • Monitoring of various Asset’s Parameter such as Fuel, Ignition, Temp, etc…
  • On-Board Diagnostics interface for the improvement of asset life
  • Improvement of Logistics by Routing nearby available vehicle
  • Labor cost reduction
  • Constant risk reduction of expensive assets and vehicle theft
  • Cutting off the personal uses and hours of the vehicles
  • Customer Service improvement
  • Increase of operational efficiency
Advantages of the vehicle tracking solution based on GPS system
  • Live Dash Board
  • Live tracking – Map View
  • Live tracking – Satellite View
  • Exportable Crystal Reports
  • History Tracking
  • Geo Fence
  • Day Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • POI Reports
  • Multi Vehicle Tracking
  • Fuel & Temperature Report
  • SMS & email Report
Other than the transport vehicles and logistics, application areas of these GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices are
  • Taxi/ Cab Dispatch System
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics
  • School Bus Management
  • Courier Services
  • Security Vehicles
  • Work force Management
  • Ambulances/Emergency Vehicles
  • Public Transport System

Thus our service of in managing and monitoring of the works done by this device extends to all the above mentioned sectors.

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