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Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

PayMaster stands as the singular mobile-first end-to-end HRMS application tailored for your organization, encompassing distinctive salary and tax structures, payroll compliances, hierarchies, and local language integration

Our HRMS platform has been designed to empower your organization with efficient tools to handle employee data, payroll, benefits and more. It is a comprehensive solution to streamline all the HR processes and enhance workforce management. It empowers businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their human capital to ensure optimal productivity and employee satisfaction.

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    HRMS Modules

    Recruitment Management

    Simplify your hiring process and streamline the entire talent acquisition journey.
    • Application tracking System
    • Seamless onboarding

    Employee Self-Service Portal

    Empower your workforce with self-service capabilities.
    • Edit/update profile details
    • Upload documents and certificates


    Empower employees with a transparent and efficient leave management system.
    • Status of applied leave – Pending, Approved, or Rejected
    • Leave Balance
    • Request for leave
    • Leave History


    Monitor employee attendance effortlessly.
    • Biometric Integration
    • Track working hours
    • Timesheet
    • Manage leaves

    Core Payroll

    Simplify and secure your statutory compliance and payroll management by removing complications with our straightforward solution.
    • Payroll Process
    • Loan/Advance Processes
    • Reimbursement Processes

    Travels & Expenses

    Streamline the entire business travel process from requisition to return by automating every step, ensuring seamless management.
    • Past Claims
    • Pending Expenses
    • Advance Request

    Performance Management

    Foster employee growth and development through the performance management module.
    • Provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement
    • Manage reviews
    • Track performance and evaluations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.How can an HRMS benefit my organization?

    Our PayMaster HRMS brings efficiency to your HR operations by automating routine tasks, enhancing data accuracy, and providing valuable insights. It simplifies processes such as payroll management, leave tracking, and performance appraisals, ultimately saving time and improving overall workforce management.

    2. Is the HRMS platform customizable to our organization’s needs?

    Yes, our HRMS platform is highly customizable. Tailor modules, workflows, and reports to align with your organization’s unique requirements. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, our platform adapts to your specific needs.

    3. What support is available after implementing the HRMS?

    We offer comprehensive support services to ensure a smooth experience for our clients. Our support team is available 24/7 to address any queries, provide assistance, and offer ongoing training to maximize the benefits of the PayMaster HRMS platform.

    4. Can the HRMS grow with our organization?

    Our HRMS platform is scalable, accommodating the evolving needs of your organization. Whether you are expanding your workforce, introducing new processes, or entering new markets, our platform grows with you.

    5. Is training provided for using the HRMS?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive training for your team during the implementation phase. Additionally, we offer ongoing training sessions and documentation to ensure that your team remains proficient in utilizing the full capabilities of PayMaster HRMS.