Webstep engagement models forms the operational blueprint of client engagements of outsourcing in terms of roles, resources, deliverable, responsibilities, related costs and infrastructure. We stick to retain a client centric engagement methodology. These models here have high degree of involvement from the clients’ end and their satisfaction as well, from our end of services

For the further enhancement of our client experience with our outsourcing services, our engagement specialists develop a neatly prepared model and also customize them to achieve the sole objective of the client.

Webstep delivers custom made engagement models which enables them to meet the client’s need having different business necessities. Our flexible models offer support precisely the way a client need it — it gives the impression of the need getting fulfilled internally.

We offer some of the our customize Engagement model for our clients to meet requirement of individual business needs –

Build My Team Model

Webstep assigns dedicated team resources and well equipped tools for the success of the project and giving high quality outcomes of the outsourcing. It takes around 2-3 days of time from the inception to mobilize a “Build My Team” model for our client and start the project.

We provide a hassle-free services (IT consultant, digital marketing, mobile and web app development, cloud servicing, etc), for our clients. To be precise, a secured service with all our IT services is what we guarantee.

Project model

Small scale projects for 1 – 3 months

For the small scale project, we have a fixed price which has fixed budget, requirements, scope and most importantly terms and deadline.

Mid scale projects for 4 – 8 months

Time and material is the focus of our mid scale projects. Our work pricing is based on hourly rates and the man-hours spent on work completion. This model is liable for adjustment and changes as per the requirements of business.

Large scale projects 9 – 12 months or greater

In this model, our work models are based on monthly rates. Our client will have a complete control over the dedicated team of their particular project and all the other project needs.


Benefits of Model:

Our customized, scalable and highly flexible engagement model is offered to clients, delivering the most practical solutions of business objectives.

  • Crystal clear engagement model
  • Technology Expertise with In-depth knowledge
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure in IT along with best facilities
  • Seamless Communication through Email, Phone, Chat, etc
  • Dedicated Teams of Resources & Project Coordinator
  • Control over the addition, subtraction and other adjustment of the team members
  • Allotment of team in less than 24 hours and execution of faster project
  • Hire our devoted engagement team as per your business environment.