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Our E-office is an all-in-one solution for efficient and paperless office management with features like File management, DAK Management, file status tracking, electronic approvals, and many more.

Our user-friendly application will revolutionize the way of work, offering a seamless digital environment that enhances collaboration, productivity, and sustainability. It breaks down the communication barriers with real-time document sharing and collaborative editing, fostering improved teamwork. E-office employs robust encryption and access controls to safeguard your information, giving you peace of mind. Create, store, organize, and manage – effective and efficient collaboration on one shared platform with the file management system. Replace the traditional file cabinets with the file management system to simplify file management and automate the process of management and sharing.

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    E-Office Modules

    File Management

    Store all your files and documents in a centralized digital repository and access them from anywhere.
    • Centralizes file management for faster and easier retrieval
    • Utilize visual communication tools to flag
    • Sort files on a priority basis

    DAK Management

    Streamline the entire lifecycle of your documents, acknowledgments, and knowledge-sharing processes.
    • Create New DAK
    • Find DAK


    Customize and optimize your digital workspace according to your unique preferences.
    • User Management
    • Roles Management
    • Designation Management
    • View User Activity Log


    Your gateway to insightful data analysis. Gain deeper insights seamlessly and export reports as per your requirements.
    • Active File Report
    • Data-wise e-file created report
    • Users File Report

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is E-office suitable for remote work?

    We have designed the E-office to facilitate collaboration regardless of physical location. Features like file sharing and user activity tracking empower the team to work together efficiently both in the office and remotely.

    2. How secure is the E-office for handling sensitive information?

    E-office prioritizes security. We employ robust encryption protocols, access controls, and authentication measures to safeguard your data.

    3. What is DAK in e-Office?

    One can refer to the DAK as a receipt once it has been received by the relevant section or the officer in charge of that section. Upon arrival at a section or to a section officer, the correspondence is deemed as received and referred to as DAK.

    4. How can I get started with E-office for my organization?

    Getting started is easy! Contact our team to discuss your organization's needs, request a demo, and explore how the E-Office platform can transform your office management.

    5. Can I customize the E-office to suit my organization's needs?

    Yes, E-office is customizable to meet the unique requirements of your organization. You will have the flexibility to tailor the E-office platform to enhance your digital workspace.