Case study

Case Study of NKDA

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) recognized the need for a revamped website ( to better serve its citizens. They partnered with WEBSTEP, a renowned web development company, to enhance the digital platform. The objective was to create an intuitive, informative, and interactive website that caters to the diverse needs of New Town’s residents.

Revamping Objectives:

  • Improved User Experience: Create a user-centric design for easy navigation and accessibility across devices.
  • Enhanced Information Dissemination: Provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about NKDA’s services, projects, and policies.
  • Increased Engagement: Facilitate citizen engagement through feedback mechanisms, online services, and community involvement.
  • Integration of Smart Solutions: Implement features that align with the smart city concept, such as online payment gateways and service requests.

Revamping Strategies by WEBSTEP:

User-Centric Design:

  • Conducted user research to understand the needs and preferences of New Town residents.
  • Developed a responsive website with an intuitive interface for seamless navigation on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Implemented clear and visually appealing layouts with easy-to-find information clusters.

      Comprehensive Information Hub:

      • Created dedicated sections for NKDA’s services, ongoing projects, and urban development initiatives.
      • Provided real-time updates on development projects, roadmaps, and infrastructure improvements.
      • Introduced a knowledge base with FAQs, guides, and relevant resources for citizens.

      Citizen Engagement Features:

      • Integrated interactive elements like online forms for service requests, feedback submission, and grievance redressal.
      • Launched discussion forums or community boards to encourage citizen participation in local governance.
      • Offered subscription options for newsletters or updates on upcoming events and initiatives.

      Smart Solutions Integration:

      • Implemented secure online payment gateways for property taxes, utility bills, and other NKDA-related payments.
      • Incorporated a responsive customer support system with chatbots or instant messaging for quick query resolution.
      • Provided downloadable resources like maps, development plans, and reports for easy access.

      Benefits to Citizens:

      • Ease of Access: Residents can easily find relevant information about NKDA’s services, projects, and policies on a user-friendly platform.
      • Increased Transparency: Real-time updates and project details foster transparency in the development initiatives undertaken by NKDA.
      • Efficient Services: Online forms and payment gateways streamline processes, reducing the need for physical visits and saving time for residents.
      • Community Engagement: Citizen engagement features promote a sense of community and involvement in local governance and development.


      The revamped website by WEBSTEP serves as a comprehensive and accessible digital interface for citizens to interact with the New Town Kolkata Development Authority. It not only provides information but also fosters engagement, transparency, and convenience for the residents of New Town Kolkata.

      Technologies Used:

      AWS, Custom CMS Developed using Laravel, MySQL Database ,HTML5 and CSS3, Bootstrap, SSL Certificates, BillDesk Payment Gateway