5 Pillars Of A Successful Digital Marketing Plan

With almost 4 billion people of the total population being the active users of new media (internet), Digital marketing is the best mode of reaching out your target audience.

As Digital Marketing is continuously expanding, it has turned to be more vital than ever for enterprises to learn the mantra of success.

The purpose of Digital Marketing is to attract traffic for your business brand’s website. By the increase of the website traffic, it will effect in the increase of conversion rate which can further lead to generation of actual buyer of your products brands or services. With the vast diversity in the techniques and tactics of the Digital marketing, the task is a bit hard.

But worry not! We are here with 5 pillars of successful Digital marketing which will help you to make a perfect strategy:

Blogging: content marketing tool

Through blogging, which is the best technique, you can gain credibility in your customers’ eyes. Blogging can help you to show your customers that you know and you are expertise in the field you have chosen.

Blogging will build product, brand or service awareness and also its value. In many cases people aren’t aware of the value of something until they read about it somewhere. And that somewhere has to be your blog. As a digital marketer your job is to establish the value of your brand or service to your target market and blogs can fulfill your job.

A good blog can get links which will be helpful in SEO and build traffic to the landing page of the website. This in turn will increase the domain authority and get the website rank higher in the search engine and more audience will know the website and visit the landing page of the website. According to experts, Google uses domain authority as one of its criteria for determination of search engine ranks.

Blogger Outreach

Now the phenomenon of influencers is quite in trend. Experts suggest that mail merge and personalization are the two strategies which can get your supports from blogger outreach. Wondering who are influencers? These are individuals who have lots of readers, viewers or followers whom they can “influence” through their opinions and posts.

You can make use of these influencers for the promotion of your blogs. You can ask them for posting your blogs and link them back to your website, thereby increasing your website credibility. This procedure is termed as blogger outreach.

Social Media Marketing

Now smartphones are the chief internet access platforms. One of the best ways for sharing your blog post is to share them on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. All the social media profiles are linked to the main website. Re-sharing of the old blogs periodically is also an effective idea. This way these social media platforms direct the traffic to your blogs, and then the blogs directs the traffic to the landing page of website. This process leads some of the visitor to landing page and making purchase. This journey of a customer is powerful in Digital marketing strategy.

Mailing list

Mailing your posts to the visitors, subscribers and sometimes linked through other sites and sending mailers are another great Digital marketing plan. Email on a regular basis with articles, news and other amazing and interesting information makes the customers revisit a website.

Distribution of Press Release

Writing and publishing a press release with worthwhile news of a business brings a new dimension in the Digital marketing strategy and reaching the audience.

A finely written press article and a suitable media partner to promote it to the target audience is all you need. In the end ensure that you have provided your website link in the article.

This was all the 5 pillars of Digital Marketing we were talking about. With so much going on Digital marketing, this is the moment to get it for your website!

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